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TOUGH ENOUGH is a rare collection of poetry from four incredible women; Annie Menebroker, Victoria Dalkey, Kathryn Hohlwein and Viola Weinberg. The collection offers a unique look into the writing of these four formidable voices and offers the reader a chance to experience their "shared" journey as Tough Old Broads while at the same time maintaining their individual journeys through life as poets, mothers, wives, and confidants; their poetry enriching us with beauty, poise, grace and at times, gritty realism. It is a collection of unique voices weaving a storied tapestry of words and images the reader will turn back to again and again. This is a timeless journey of life lived to its fullest. Grand in one moment, heartbreakingly difficult the next, this is as honest a look at four friends and their journey through poetry that you will ever find.

178pp. Soft Cover & Perfect Bound, 8" x 10"

Free shipping within Continental United States


Four different strains of speculative intelligence. Four lifetimes sorted. The same years captured by different sensibilities—all with that certain ache that is poetry. What I like is the rich mix of memory & public commentary. Annie Menebroker’s lyrics bursts, for example—the cogent self-questioning that turns to larger issues. Kathryn Hohlwein’s spiritual sense in poems that are moving & insightful, always emotionally right. It’s not by chance that the four poets have integrated their gifts & their life-work. From her practice as an art critic, Victoria Dalkey seems to take her vision & feel for order, her wit & sense of tonal shift. Viola Weinberg recaptures, exuberant & expansive, in the know, the challenges of working in the media & being a mother. Her intense & dramatic poem, “Arthur’s Seat, the Easy Way,” about climbing Scotland’s almost mythic height, in spite of her health & physical limits, is about the transcendence that is the task for all four poets.

                                             Dennis Schmitz


What a pleasure and delight to find four poets whose work I have loved and admired for many years gathered together here. Sly, witty, passionate, painterly, erudite voices calling out to us--to our hearts--from the heart of the mysterious quotidians. This book, these poems are a great gift.

                                             Susan Kelly-DeWitt