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  Bill Pieper's  newest collection of short stories, Forgive Me, Father.  His work has appeared in several literary magazines throughout the years earning nominations for the Pushcart Prize as well as winning a national award from Scratch Writer magazine.  Two prior novels, Belonging (2006) and What You Wish For (2011) were equally well received.  This current collection further highlights Mr. Pieper's ability as a keen wordsmith, taking the reader beyond the pages of the book into the world he creates within its covers.  These twelve, succinct stories allow a fine glimpse into the delightful and playful mind that is Bill Pieper.  You will not want to put the book down.

In Bill Pieper’s Forgive Me, Father, the characters must reckon with the lives they’ve fashioned. The focus is on small choices, and on moments of consequence and regret that offer an empathetic view of how ordinary trouble can escalate into rippling damage for the characters themselves and their loved ones.

Valerie Fioravanti
author, Garbage Night at the Opera


Eudora Welty, who would know, said that “all writers speak from, and speak to, emotions eternally the same in all of us: love, pity, terror do not show favorites or leave any of us out.” These stories bear that out. Themes ordinary and familiar, and thus relevant, are made revelatory, extraordinary and compelling by a practiced writer who gets us quickly to the inventive tale, and the edge where we stop short or go over.

Patrick Grizzell,
writer and musician