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From the Foreword:  My friend, Meri St. Mary, asked me if I would show up for the 23rd Anniversary of her HOUSECOAT PROJECT and read a few poems before the performance. Her new band was coming up from San Francisco and she had never played a HOUSECOAT gig in her new home town of Grass Valley. It sounded like a great time and I assured her I would show up and read something from my new release, OFFERINGS.

The date of the performance was July 30, 2011 and I set aside a few poems to read from my book, OFFERINGS, a couple of weeks prior. I was set. Not much left to do but live life and enjoy the mountain air.

I offer it here in tribute to this unique evening as I doubt it will ever be captured the same again. Never forget the power of the word.....REVOLUTION!

Dave Boles has worked as an Alternative Publisher, Writer and Designer since 1982. Founder of the magazine Primal Urge, he also created The Sacramento Free Press and Cruisin' Magazine.

He has published, designed, edited and written numerous books, magazines, articles and ads both nationally and internationally. His publishing company Cold River Press, has helped many new Writers, Artists, Poets, Illustrators and Photographers further their careers.

He is a life long gear head and speed freak, customizing cars, trucks and motorcycles with his goal of irritating the noise police his primary directive.