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Excerpt from the Forward written by Charles Plymell:

When one learns that there is nothing fair in a society built on words that build those walls, the freedom is the road - the road upon which brings us the drama of David’s poetry. The kind of apportioned déjà vu that stands behind all real poets and makes their heart feel, their hair stand on end; those things which cannot be learned. The greatest halls of the academe may be successful in attempting to re-create these feelings. They may even be successful in teaching an appreciation, but the mimetic society hopelessly tries to make fiction, while poets who are wired as such cannot avoid the terror of the gray walls, the blown apart humans with forgotten names that society brings on, then avoids at all costs, all the while pissing in their stool.

The title "OFFERINGS" seems to offer an innocent reality to it all. Be prepared to jump in deeper to what is offered so that you can relieve yourself next time by realizing you were not the one chosen to go there.  

Charles Plymell
April, 2011

Dave Boles has worked as an Alternative Publisher, Writer and Designer since 1982. Founder of the magazine Primal Urge, he also created The Sacramento Free Press and Cruisin' Magazine.

He has published, designed, edited and written numerous books, magazines, articles and ads both nationally and internationally. His publishing company Cold River Press, has helped many new Writers, Artists, Poets, Illustrators and Photographers further their careers.

He is a life long gear head and speed freak, customizing cars, trucks and motorcycles with his goal of irritating the noise police his primary directive.