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Read what some are saying of her new work:

Linville’s poetry has an eye on the pulse and heart of lust and love. One throbs. One beats. The kinship a reader finds in this work is an urgency of desire, and the loneliness than can accompany it. But it also confesses a carnival-like joy in neon colors, blazing sound, and cryptic possibilities. "I am in love with this sky," she sings out. I can almost hear an echo-response: now, love me back.

Ann Menebroker


Into our less than perfect world, Cynthia Linville puts her voice very close to our ears and opens her secrets, desires, wishes, encounters, dreams, nightmares and exquisite erotica. She does so speaking in the most authentic of voices directly to us so that we not only understand perfectly but are able to know something very important is happening to us as we do.

D.R. Wagner



Cynthia Linville’s work has appeared in many publications and several anthologies. Her first book of collected poems, The Lost Thing, is available from Cold River Press. Her poem "I am Fortune’s Ungraceful Daughter" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2012. Linville has taught in the English Department at California State University, Sacramento since 2000 and has served as Managing Editor of Convergence: an online journal of poetry and art ( since 2008. A music aficionado with a theater background, she is often out and about supporting the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area and in her hometown of Sacramento where she is very active in the poetry scene.