Cold River











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     On the Mendocino coast of California, strangers are brought together in a common search for past-life memories. Each finds connections to the others, and soul-mates are reunited, but danger looms on the horizon. They have been united against The One Without a Soul in lifetime after lifetime across the ages. Suddenly, Project HOPE, a small environmental group devoted to saving old-growth forests is pitted against Amalgamated Insurance and its C.E.O. Raymond Baker - this lifetime's version of their ancient foe. During past-life regressions, ancient spirits send the message that the scales are balanced. Either side can prevail, but if they face their fear and hold love close, Baker can be bested . . . and if he is, a cosmic shift in perspective brings the hope of a new, female Messiah!
      In this first novel, Tim O'Laughlin spins a tale that weaves reincarnation, Native American spirituality, mountain biking, acoustic music and a lawsuit to determine the fate of ancient redwood groves into a tale that will keep the reader turning the pages.

"A Promising Debut From A New Author Worth Watching!" 
Charles de Lint

344pp.  Soft Cover.  Perfect Bound. 
Originally published in 2001 by BodhiDharma Publishing.